Install PPPoker

1) Install PPPoker on your computer or phone

  • For PC: you can download the installation program directly from their website. To do this, click here, After landing on the PPPoker home page, search for download links, and click on “Download from Windows”. Once the application is downloaded, click on its icon and follow the installation instructions, as with any other software.
  • On Mobile: go to the App store or Google Play.

2) Create a player account on PPPoker

  • Then just click on “Register”.
  • Enter your username and create your password.
  • Then click on “Register”.

3) Register your PPPoker player account with us

  • After opening your PPPoker account, register using our form on our homepage
  • Choose the club(s) you want to play for in real money.
  • Fill in the form to request access to these clubs.
  • Click on “Club” and type in the “+” at the top right of your screen.
  • Enter the ID of the club you have chosen (series of numbers) and click on “Apply”.

4) Contact our PPPoker agent

Go to our contact page and tell us:
  • your user name,
  • your deposit method,
  • the amount to deposit into your real money account.
There you go, you’re ready to play at PPPoker!