AUG 02 2011

PokerStars VIP Club Mega Month

More VIP Player Points
PokerStars VIP Club Mega Month

The entire month of August is "PokerStars VIP Club Mega Month." As part of this promotion the requirements for PokerStars VIP Player Points (FPP) have been cut drastically - for the monthly achievement of a VIP level now only 10% of the normal points are required. This means that a player can become SilverStar VIP in August with only 75 FPP's. Players who usually play enough to deserve SilverStar VIP status now reach platinum star VIP status.

The advantages of this PokerStars promotion are obvious: with a higher VIP status you gather more points and have more VIP store products to choose from, plus you have the opportunity to play special VIP tournaments.

Players keep the status they earn in August until the end of September. For reaching the same monthly status in September there are the following VIP Rewards:

VIP Club Level (monthly cash and tournament - rewards)
Bronze star (up to $ 21 [15-17%])
Silver star (from $ 26 [19-21%])
GoldStar (from $ 129 [24-26%])
PlatinumStar (starting at $ 382 [28-31%])

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